What we are made of

We are a smart team that has stayed young and we work hand in hand: We develop and grow together, we learn from each other, and we use training courses and team events to improve our specialist skills and personal abilities.


A strong team


Ingo Barth
Managing director

As young consultants, one day above the Düsseldorf rooftops Kevin and I made a promise that we would run a business together - and we are now living this dream. We believe the chemistry within the team has to be right, because only then do we all enjoy our work and achieve something great.

Kevin Roders
Founder & managing director

Business Intelligence fascinates me: When I was a student, I became fascinated by how quickly and flexibly data could be analysed. Supporting both the systems and my clients in connection with a project was always something close to my heart and too important for me to just do 'on the side' or in the evenings.

An attractive location

Find us in central Düsseldorf in the Nord Carree: we're surrounded by numerous restaurants and shopping facilities and are also close to the Rhine waterfront and old town, so it's a good place to mix business and pleasure. The best thing: Our office is located in a pleasantly quiet courtyard and we are easy to get to, thanks to nearby bus stops and train stations.

We still have a vacant desk

If we have piqued your curiosity then visit our career page or simply contact us at - we look forward to hearing from you!