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Benefits of the MCR Enterprise licence from BI2run

Favourable price

An MCR Enterprise licence (“node”) costs only EUR 1,800 per year at BI2run.

By comparison, Mirantis offers the Enterprise licences at a price of EUR 2,250 per year.

No minimum purchase

The “MCR Enterprise” licence can be purchased from BI2run without a minimum purchase quantity

Mirantis, on the other hand, only offers the Enterprise licences in units of 10.

Extensive support

With the MCR Enterprise licence, you receive premium 24/7 support from Mirantis.

In addition, you get support from us in German as well as a personal contact person

Everything you need to know about MCR

BI2run - Mirantis Container Runtime

What is Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR)?

Mirantis Container Runtime, formerly known as Docker Engine, is a secure container engine designed to run containers on Linux or Windows. It is used by leading companies worldwide for business-critical applications.

MCR forms the central element of a reliable software supply chain for companies that need a high-quality container engine to develop and run critical business applications in containers. It provides the security needed to successfully build and run business-critical workloads.

Discontinuation of support after 30.04.2023

Mirantis has taken over the product and support of the “Docker for Windows Engine”. The product is now called Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR) Enterprise.

Microsoft has concluded a contract with Mirantis that regulates the support for the “Docker for Windows Engine” product after 30.04.2023 via Mirantis.

The free right of use expired on 30.04.2023. To receive the latest versions, updates and fixes, users must sign a support contract with Mirantis or a Mirantis partner such as BI2run.

Who is affected?

All users who run Docker on Windows servers are affected, e.g. also with Azure or AWS-hosted solutions. (For example, IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) users with a PAW installation on Windows servers).

What do I need to do?

If your company follows a Windows strategy, only the purchase of Mirantis licences makes sense for you. Another solution would be to migrate your servers from Windows to Linux. However, the cost-benefit ratio is in most cases better with a licence purchase than with the migration to Linux. 

If a Linux migration is an option for you, we will be happy to assist you.

Simply contact us via the contact form or give us a call.


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