System support

Stable and available: Planning, maintenance, long-term support – use our services to ensure that your BI system is as available as you need it to be.


Fast and efficient: health checks, updates, achieving greater ease of use – make your system (even) better by adding new functionalities, improved performance and optimised operability.


Customised and flexible: bespoke add-ons, modules, interfaces and logic components – implement your own business and computational logic to ensure you respond nimbly and flexibly to changing parameters.


Even during stressful times, you can rely on our support specialists: Our services are founded on personal and long-term partnerships, which means that with us, you have a permanent contact person at your side who can always communicate with you on your wavelength. He or she knows your system and background, very much speaks your language and always has your back, leaving you free to perform.


BI2run - Qubedocs Dokumentation

When you want your BI system to deliver real added value in your day-to-day work and thus for your business, it has to be dependably available and deliver the data that you can really trust. The support we provide ensures your system is continually available and efficient whenever you need it to be. At the same time, we will use our monitoring tools to identify and eliminate faults before you notice them.

Our service:

  • Monitoring both the system status and the dependent components
  • Early flagging-up of significant changes and maintenance procedures
  • Proactive fault elimination
  • Efficient technical documentation of the data model


BI2run - Optimierung

Improve your existing BI solution – because in most cases, only minor adjustments are needed to achieve significantly improved system performance. By identifying and replacing inefficient logic components, by implementing new functionalities via updates and by optimising operability, we can help you to organise your operational workflows and analyses more efficiently. This means you get the data you need for your day-to-day work faster and (especially) more easily.

Our service:

  • Installation of updates and fixes
  • Execution of performance analyses and load tests
  • Regular health checks
  • Increased efficiency through finetuning


BI2run - Planalytics2run

Our environment is changing constantly, and so are the parameters that your BI systems operate under: Use our services to ensure that your BI systems really meet your needs and wishes each time. Irrespective of how you want to adapt, enhance or expand your system, we can help you with both design and implementation, for example with a personal planning module with customised logic, the syncing (linking up) of a new source system or improved menu navigation.

Our service:

  • The development of enhancementsadd-ons and modules with customised logic
  • The linking up of additional systems and components via specific interfaces
  • Improved user interfaces and menu navigation


Always see what is really going on in your BI system: Our automated and tamper-proof technical documentation system means you can precisely track your system’s data flows, view the programming for the computational logic and see which objects change at which times in the data model. This permanently reduces your workload for the creation and amendment of documentation and also means you can see exactly when and how your system has changed.


We are your specialist partner whose proven long-term support plan will guide you through all the phases of your BI development and utilisation activities. If you wish, we can perform a health check to analyse and evaluate your BI system that will also identify potential optimisation options. As soon as we get to know your system, we can start providing ongoing support for it. Do you need it to be optimised and/or do you have special needs and wishes? We would be happy to adapt to your system to your needs and wishes at any time. During this whole process, our system documentation ensures that you always know exactly what is going on in your system.

BI2run - BI-Software einfach gemacht


We also build long-term, personal partnerships with our software partners, which is why we can call on a dependable vendor network that we can galvanise for you if you encounter a problem. If bugs or program errors occur in your system then we will take over the vendor’s error handling and communication processes, in order to quickly find the solution you need. Our close, in-depth relationships with our partner managers and software developers mean we can escalate for you at the critical junctures and can even generate client-specific fixes for you.


BI2run - Partner Bissantz


Business Intelligence from DeltaMaster: Seeing, understanding, acting
BI2run - Partner Cubeware


For over 20 years now, Cubeware has been one of the leading providers of BI and performance management solutions in German-speaking areas.
BI2run - Partner IBM


IBM Planning Analytics offers integrated planning solutions that can use AI to automate both the planning and forecasting processes.
BI2run - Partner INGRAM


Ingram Micro is the leading ICT (information and communication technology) distributor - it focusses on technology solutions, cloud, and commerce & lifecycle services.
BI2run - Partner Microsoft


Microsoft is a leading vendor of Business Intelligence products and services, including the MS SQL server, integration services and PowerBI.
BI2run - Partner OLAPLINE


OLAPLINE implements customised business analytics solutions for planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis needs.
BI2run - Partner QUBEdocs


QUBEdocs is a fully automated solution for IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 model documentation needs.
BI2run - Partner Theobald


Theobald Software provides intelligent interfaces for the easy and dependable integration of SAP and non-SAP systems.
BI2run - Partner Tradui


TRADUI specialises in reporting & analytics - its BIRD Suite gives you an all-round solution for the generation of reports and analyses.
BI2run - Partner Virtivity


Virtivity offers with APOLLO a modular solution for integrated planning, reporting, analysis, prediction and legal consolidation, based on TM1.


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