Planalytics2run: easy planning

Technology and structure

Business design: Processes and business logic have already been prepared and will be supplemented by your individual company structures.

  • Centralised data repository
  • High-performance data processing 'on the fly'
  • Consistent data throughout, including across all time periods, versions and organisational structures
  • Data collection with workflow control
  • Security concept tailored to your individual business process



You don't work for the system - the system works for you: Preassignments and distributional logic do a lot of the work for you.

  • Flexible import routes to all upstream systems
  • Scenario management
  • Preassignment logic
  • Data distribution top-down by your chosen criteria
  • Integrated planning (integration of all subplans for P&L, balance sheet and cashflow statement)




Tracking the effects of individual planning assumptions and planning steps means the planning result can be interpreted more accurately.

  • Tracking the planning results back to the data source
  • Using planned impacts to depict the factors influencing the planning result
  • Using fade-ins and fade-outs of individual planning assumptions to compare scenarios
  • Freezing the planning sessions in scenarios


Efficient working

Logic components and workflows that are precisely tailored to your processes means you can concentrate on what's important, namely on the efficient planning of the relevant KPIs.

  • Planning, forecasting, analysing and reporting in a single application
  • Not only standard reporting but customisable analyses too
  • Integration of Excel and work with the web interface

Modular design

Planalytics2run is a flexible planning tool that can be implemented quickly at low cost, thanks to its high degree of prefabrication. You select the modules you want, following which we gear your future BI solution to your existing or planned organisational structure. With Planalytics2run, you create clear and transparent reports and produce your own analyses with little effort or cost, which you can then distribute by browser or app as desired.

In this regard, the data model is precisely geared to your planning process and includes permission systems and workflow management, web-based plan recording and consistent transparency. The extremely powerful database uses parallel operations to cope with large amounts of data and high user numbers. Including in the cloud.

  • Ready-to-use business content means fast, low-cost implementation
  • Suitable for any organisational structure
  • Easy to use and customise without any programming skills
  • Modules can be freely combined as desired
  • Easy to read reports
  • Customised planning assumptions give you unique planning options
  • Automated processes mean that time-consuming planning preparation is avoided
  • Full transparency at all levels of balance sheet and P&L
  • Efficient preparation of the operational and strategic annual plans
  • Powerful database that utilises IBM Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1)

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