We are support specialists


Whichever problem is slowing you down, our support specialists can tackle the entire spectrum of BI issues for you, from purely IT problems to providing support for your specialist department. And you can decide for yourself - flexibly - how long, how often and how intensively you need our support. 
We provide set, dependable partner contacts who are familiar with both your organisation and systems. At all times you can access vendor-certified experts, who can provide specialist, solution-driven support, even during times of intensive utilisation - and if desired 24/7 too.


Your urgency,
our incident level

1 hour

We are there for you immediately and start analysing the problem within 1 hour of you contacting us.


4 hours

Even if you don't need us right away, we can still provide you with our initial analysis within 4 hours.


1 day

Not urgent but important: Irrespective of what your concern is: Within one day, we will contact you with our expert assessment of the issue.

from Düsseldorf

A dependable BI system needs dependable contact persons: At our Düsseldorf office, you will always reach a personal support specialist who knows your business and speaks your language.

This is how you contact us

By phone

If you would like to discuss an issue personally then it's quick and easy to contact us by phone.


Just take a screenshot and send it to us with all relevant information, either directly by e-mail or via our support portal.


If you wish, we can also provide you with on-site support during critical process phases.

Our partners


Business Intelligence from DeltaMaster: Seeing, understanding, acting


For over 20 years now, Cubeware has been one of the leading providers of BI and performance management solutions in German-speaking areas.


IBM Planning Analytics offers integrated planning solutions that can use AI to automate both the planning and forecasting processes.


IDL, an insightsoftware company, is the leading provider of financial performance management software to more than 1100 clients.


Microsoft is a leading vendor of Business Intelligence products and services, including the MS SQL server, integration services and PowerBI.


40 years of experience in delivering tailormade methodologies and powerful products: that's MID, the leading provider of BPM/ERM products and services.


Qlik offers a cloud-based E2E (end to end) platform for real-time data integration and analysis.


QUBEdocs is a fully automated solution for IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 model documentation needs.


Theobald Software provides intelligent interfaces for the easy and dependable integration of SAP and non-SAP systems.


  • Server Monitoring
  • Virtual machines
  • Windows services
  • Licence Metric Tools
  • Logfile analysis
  • Interfaces
    (ODBC, SAP, Files)
  • Memory optimisation
  • Performance monitoring (statistics cubes)
  • Security implementation
  • Project manager
  • Recording the requirements
  • Building reports
  • Event log
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration
  • Release change
  • Fix packs
  • User creation
  • Permissions management
  • Trainings
  • Documentation
  • Operations console
  • System monitor
  • Design / modelling
  • Operation
  • Implementation of rules and processes
  • Analysis of data errors

Stay on top
of things

In our support portal, you can easily see and track the tickets we have received and their processing status. All relevant information is retained, even after ticket closure, so that you can retrieve documented problems and solutions at any time.

Ticket processing

A proficient support partner processes your issue straightforwardly and invisibly but always transparently. This is precisely why our support process has been designed in this way, so that you can initiate it effortlessly. You communicate with us conveniently and intuitively via your preferred channels: Just send us an e-mail or submit your own ticket - we'll do the rest. We have provided a detailed description of the further steps in this process here.

Opening a ticket

To open a ticket, send us an e-mail that states the incident level, describes the problem and includes a screenshot. This automatically generates a ticket for your support instruction; you will receive a confirmation e-mail that states the ticket number. Alternatively, you can phone us or opt to generate a ticket yourself in our support portal. In any case, you will always be able to see the processing status and name of your support contact and check the precise topic description.